Metal Horse Wideband O2 Sensor LSU 4.2 For 4-Stroke Gasoline / E85 / and Alcohol

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- Wideband O2 sensor for Direct Injection and Petrol Vehicles
- Measures the Quantity of Residual Oxygen in the Exhaust Gases
- Compares the Quantity of Residual Oxygen in the Exhaust Gases with the Oxygen Contained in the External Air
- Identifies the shift from a rich mix to a poor mix
- Avoids Increased Fuel Consumption
- Improves Performance and Constant Engine Power
- Stable Idle
- Reduces Emission of Pollutants in the Environment
-Compatible with all scheduled injections
- Probe thread: M18 x 1.5
- Cannot be used in engines fueled with lead-containing fuels, 2T oil or diesel engines. The life span is drastically reduced and can be damaged in a few hours of use.


To guarantee the durability of the Wideband O2 Sensor, the vehicle must not remain with the engine turned off and the contact activated, this procedure can keep the heating system of the probe turned on at operational temperature and, when starting the engine again, cause permanent damage to the probe through the contact. condensate in the exhaust (cold) with the probe sensor (hot). If the vehicle has an engine off and the contact is activated, you must disconnect the contact and wait 60 seconds before starting.

Install Position:

The Wideband O2 Sensor must be installed at an angle between 15° and 80°, as close as possible to the exhaust manifold, respecting the maximum working temperature, less than 850°C. Respecting this instruction is essential for the proper functioning and durability of the equipment.