About Us

In-depth analysis of the Metal Horse Fuel FiltersOur story begins in 2013 with a group of people who loved racing and high-performance cars, but were tired of the low-quality parts available and the disregard for customers in the Brazilian market. To end this, they started Metal Horse and brought quality that could only be seen overseas, a top-tier consumer support and all for a fair price. Here in Metal Horse we truly love speed and power, that is why we are thrilled to see your project coming to life and are eager to help in any way we can!


Our main goal is to offer products with certified quality, that is why all our items are put through a very rigorous quality control process, with several types of tests. To ensure our parts will never let you down, we only approve the products that pass their tests with a good margin in every parameter. By following those ideals, we were able to become the number one reference of connectors and fittings in Brazil.

Metal Horse Hoses and Fittings in a 2200cc Audi Engine

We began in 2013 working only with Thermotapes, Fittings and Silicone Hoses, but soon we started to expand our product portfolio, while keeping all our values in mind. In 2014 we started to make T-bolt Clamps, then in 2017 the first Metal Horse original Radiators and Intercoolers were produced, in 2019 we launched our line of Street Seats and started making our first Sensors, finally in 2020 we launched our FIA Homologated Racing Seats and Seatbelts. After all those years of experience, we began to expand to the U.S. to bring you the quality you deserve.

Along our journey, many of our customers asked for help with something that we weren’t able to make. We knew that we couldn’t manufacture every single part or additive to your vehicle, but still wanted to make sure that our customers always had the best options available to their projects. To ensure that, we have partnered with well established brands throughout the years, bringing the best in their business to the Brazilian market and also with new, but promising, brands with revolutionary technologies or incredibly high-quality products.

Respect for our customers is our top-priority, that means the best quality, a fair price, outstanding customer care and doing our best to make your project hit the streets or the tracks.
That is why you can rely on Metal Horse! All of our products carry this legacy and the trust of thousands of customers, hundreds of pilots and retailers over the years. Let us help you be the fastest!