Metal Horse 6AN to GM LS EFI 3/8 Quick Connect Male Fitting Straight Black

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Your car uses an original flute?

Do you want to improve the fuel line, but you don't know how?

Now it's easy with Metal Horse SAE fittings.

With our SAE adapters it is possible to make a quick connect coming directly from your car's original flute for an aeroquip connection.

Inside the adapter there is a sealing o'ring that fits perfectly in the male outlet of the quick coupler, making the application easy and safe.

You just need to check the output of your original flute, whether 3/8 or 5/16 and that's it, to be able to transform the original output into an AN output.

Available with 3/8", 5/16", 6AN and 8AN outputs;;

Male or Female;

90º angle;

With plastic or metallic lock.